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What is Market Research

Market research can assist every service business by providing direct insight into the operational efficiency of any company. Through a recent companies evaluation of current customer service levels, sales efforts, product knowledge, and location appearance; the client is able to understand where strengths as well as weaknesses exist. The information provided by our audits will aid management in the development of programs to enhance customer relations and repeat business.

Measuring Customer Satisfaction for Business Success

Providing great customer service each and every day is a challenge for any company. A strategy is therefore needed in this ever-changing business world to retain and build customer loyalty.

Many successful businesses turn to market research or mobile customer surveys to monitor and manage their customer service quality. Without satisfied customers, profits and growth are unachievable. Hard-working and dedicated employees ensure the success of any company and help retain satisfied customers.

Strategically, market research or mobile surveys will help strengthen any company’s ability to offer top-quality service to their customers. Instilling an awareness in all employees that customer service and their personal commitment to the program is vital to business success.

Strategic Reflections as a Solution

Strategic Reflections understand how customers transact today and how they want to transact in the future is changing.   Strategic Reflections provides our clients solid business intelligence on customer opinions regarding their recent experiences. Our team at Strategic Reflections brings enthusiasm, dedication, affordability and years of experience to your projects. Read more...

FRAUD/SCAM ALERT - March 2018 - A Gigspot independent contractor reported that they received an job offer from Strategic Reflections which was a SCAM. DO NOT ACCEPT ANY MYSTERY SHOPPING ASSIGNMENT WHICH INSTRUCTS YOU TO WIRE OR SEND MONEY.
If you have already replied and received a packet in the mail, please do not cash the check that is enclosed.  It is NOT a valid check.  Please contact your local authorities.  You can also report this to the Internet Crime Complaint Center (




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Benefits of Market Research and Mobile Customer Surveys

  • Builds awareness of the importance in customer service.
  • Sets consistent expectations and measurement standards.
  • Strengthens employee compliance with guidelines and goals.
  • Allows employers to recognize and reward employees that provide first-rate customer service.
  • Helps companies build a more focused and motivated service team.
  • Increases company sales.
  • Provides a training tool increasing opportunities, resulting in better overall communication.
  • Allows companies to manage and monitor their customer service experiences.
  • Increases performance in critical areas such as cross-selling and merchandising.
  • Assists in customer retention and increased customer loyalty.
  • Increases customer referrals.
  • Provides service solutions based on report analysis.
  • Encourages dialogue between employees and managers.




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